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An Illustrated Bibliography of Table Tennis Books in the English Language

Introduction to Barry Hayward’s Illustrated Bibliography of Table Tennis Books in the English Language

Introduction to Barry Hayward’s Illustrated Bibliography of Table Tennis Books in the English Language

I believe that my bibliography is the most complete record of all Table Tennis books published in the English language. I also believe that my personal collection is one of the largest in the world and certainly there are very few to come even close.

This is the latest version of my Bibliography which made it’s first appearance over 35 years ago. Of course as time goes on, the collection has grown, and this edition now gives a picture of each of the books in the collection, whereas the first edition was a comparatively short listing.
The books shown that do not have a picture attached, are books that so far have eluded me. However there are some that I have managed to get photocopies, but rather than show black and white copies, I have just listed them as P/C in my book source notes.

As in previous efforts, the problem arises as to when a book is a proper ‘bona fide’ Table Tennis book, and when it is nothing more than a programme, a catalogue or a handbook. Generally books have been included no matter what length, if they include some form of instruction, or biographical content, or even in some cases where the name Table Tennis or Ping Pong appears in the title of the publication. I have had to make some awkward decisions whether to include, say, Ian Harrison’s ‘How to Play With and Against Sponge’ which I have included despite it’s slender proportions, and I have chosen to omit Gerald Gurney’s excellent treatise ‘Tennis, Squash and Badminton Bygones’, although it contains several references to the origins of Table Tennis. There are several others where I have had doubts such as the Arthur Adamov entry of 1955. I apologise for any omissions which may offend, but overall I am happy with my choices. I intend to add and amend as more information becomes available and so if anyone is aware of any books in the English language which I may not have included, I would be delighted to hear from them at the addresses shown on the ‘Contact Us’ page of this website. Naturally, I would be most appreciative of any chance to add books to my own collection.

My sources of information are from The British Museum listings (BM), The Library of Congress (LC), the ITTF Museum (ITTF), and the listings of fellow collectors Terry Vance (TV), Ron Crayden(RC), Ian Crickmer (IC) and other notes I have gleaned from the Gerald Gurney collection. Some other source notes have been extracted from the bibliographies contained in some of the publications.

I am frequently asked what I intend to do with my library of Table Tennis books and I can truthfully answer that I don’t know. If the right offer were to come along then the collection is for sale, but the offer would have to be substantial. Otherwise I am happy to continue collecting for the time being, and to defer the decision until a later date.

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