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An Illustrated Bibliography of Table Tennis Books in the English Language

Barry Hayward’s Table Tennis Bibliography

Barry Hayward’s Table Tennis Bibliography

Updated to 10th October 2020

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My old Website was a little outdated, and when I changed to a more modern computer I had a few months of deliberating on a replacement Site and with the offer of guidance and help from Richard Jarvis, then this current site is the result. Richard I owe you lots, for the advice, expertise and enthusiasm you have shown in setting up this Site.

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I have been asked many times if I would consider selling the collection, and the answer is ‘Yes I would’, but the offer would have to be fairly substantial.


When I discover new publications, or on the rare occasions I find an additional book not shown in the existing lists, I will detail all newer entries on this page so that you can peruse these recent additions at your leisure.
If you want to access these newer additions quickly, just click on the titles below.

I have included several books on the history of particular local Associations such as Guildford, Burton, Harrogate, Liverpool and Bromsgrove. There must be many others. Can you help?

There is a flurry of activity as I try to update my lists. The list will thin out shortly. I think this is caused by the number of potential authors who have discovered the ease of publishing their own book through the Amazon publishing facility. Almost all of the recent TT books have used Amazon. When these authors uncover the secret of publishing and how to include pictures and photographs I suspect the number and quality will improve again.